Creative Consultation

Emily works one-on-one with creatives to strengthen and inspire your creative product business. Here is a selection of services available:

  • Launching, expanding, and editing your wholesale line.
  • Pricing and promoting your product.
  • Reaching out to retailers to grow your wholesale line.
  • Copy writing and editing to tell the story of your brand and your products.
  • Coaching your new ideas to fruition. 

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Styled Photoshoots + Creative Direction

Emily + Jessica are available to work with established and emerging brands to help position your products in the best light and share the visual story behind your process and your brand. 

Here are some of the services we offer:

  • Studio + location photoshoots.
  • Styled product photoshoots
  • Prop hunting 
  • Location scouting
  • Creative direction to position your brand in the best light.

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"I had been looking for a business consultant for my growing business, and when I saw that Emily did consulting I was thrilled. I knew she worked with handmade artists in her own business. She seemed like the perfect fit for me. As it turns out, she was! She helped me with pricing, working with larger accounts and focusing on a target audience.  She also gave me a lot of encouragement for the things I have accomplished and with where my business currently is. After my first meeting with her I felt so excited and energized that I promptly booked a second appointment! Having someone look at your business from the outside is vital, and Emily offers a great perspective. I am so very pleased with her service.  I will definitely book more sessions with her in the future!" Jill Foreman, Jill Makes

"Emily was so helpful in giving big-picture direction and helping me conceptualize where I wanted to go with my business.  She did a great job of helping me organize my thoughts and come up with a plan to implement what needed to be done.  It was also so helpful to have her perspective as a shop owner.  I learned so much about what a small business owner is looking for and expecting from a wholesaler." Courtney Clay, Swedish Country Interiors

From Participants at Etsy's 2015 Open Call Program where Emily was one of 5 retail partners:

"Our most thorough feedback was from Emily Blistein. She was my shop crush, so I felt really nervous pitching to her! I was SO impressed with her—not just because of her business, but because of how much time she took talking to each of the shops. She definitely had critical feedback for many of the makers, but it was genuine, kind, and spot-on. It was clear that in addition to shopping for her store, she really was going in to help every single seller there. For us, her feedback was the same: our packaging needed refining and needed to tell the story better. However, her encouragement was something that stuck with me over the next few months as we contemplated the next step for our business...I took those messages to heart as we rebranded, and 8 months later I reached out to Emily to let her know how much her feedback meant to me. I showed her pictures of our new packaging, and she loved it!" Stacia Guzzo, Handcrafted HoneyBee (source

"Emily asked me great probing questions about my pricing model. After the Open Call, she was kind enough to schedule a phone call with me so that I could ask her more questions related to pricing and my overall aesthetic. She encouraged me to increase my prices and to focus on what I’m truly passionate about, telling me that if I pursue creating products that I’m passionate about, my customers will sense that passion and want to be part of my business! ... There’s no way I would still be in business if I hadn’t made that change. I learned that I need to have enough margin in my retail price to be able to ... keep my doors open." Justin Nelson, Fernweh Woodworking (source)

"Emily gave me much needed critique to boost the overall appearance of my business. She gently pushed the possibilities of my products to an amazing level and I spent a few months afterwards getting everything where it needed to be." Jes Morgan, Good 4 You (source)

From Colleagues in the Field:

When we explain who the independent retailers are on Etsy Wholesale, we always talk about Emily. She has fantastic taste as anyone can see from Clementine — but it's the energy and compassion she brings to working with emerging designers that has elevated her to indie retail sainthood. Her dynamic combo of charisma, expertise and approachability have made it a pleasure to work with her on our marketing and small business educational campaigns. ~ Vanessa Bertozzi, Senior Manager + Rand Niederhoffer, Senior Program Manager, Etsy

At Sweet Paul we believe in slowing down and chasing the sweet things in life, and Emily has constructed Clementine to be a space that does just that. She has created a world that customers can savor while celebrating the very essence of handmade. We adore working and collaborating with her both personally and professionally! ~ Paul Lowe, Founder + Paul Vitale, Sweet Paul Magazine   

As the founder of 50 States of Style, a website that celebrates American-made, it was the window at Clementine that hooked me; once inside, I spent the better part of a morning poring over Emily's thoughtfully displayed and curated collection, opening the cleverest greeting cards, admiring brightly-patterned linens, trying on jewelry, and sweeping my hands across the softest swaddling blankets. We chatted about everything from entrepreneurship to motherhood; inspiring makers to life in a small town. Clementine isn't just a shop, it's an airy escape bathed in light; it's a place to gather inspiration and one-of-a-kind gifts for someone deserving. I left with a head swirling with ideas, a bag full of American-made loveliness and a new friend.~ Nina McCammon, Founder50 States of Style 


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